An open source platform built around Jupyter Lab

for data science and monitoring

From notebooks to Web apps in just a few clicks !

We provide an easy to deploy infrastructure that allows fruitful interactions between stakeholders, data scientists and developers working on decision support systems.

Source code :
Demo :
JupyterCon2023 keynote :
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Save time and money

We propose an integrated environment from data gathering to interactive dataviz.
Develop in Jupyter, share in Voilà web apps.


Friendly to use...
...and to manage !

We are following a KISS approach,
providing vanilla standard components,
with just a tiny bit of glue to hold it tight.


Modular and extensible

It is quite easy to extend the platform with data connector using few lines of Python,
or even with full Docker micro-services.

Contact us:

Tetras-Lab is developed by Tétras Libre, a small IT firm based in Grenoble - France. We are structured around the Open Source principles and provide a wide range of expertise and development skills.

More on our website :

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